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Child labour (poem)

Emotions never the same Rainbow coloured they are They come like a wave in river And then gets mingled up in an oceanLooking at a child Working a place How hard it seems to be To hold up equipments…Continue

Started by KALPANA BHATT ('रौनक़') Apr 29.

Secracy 4 Replies

A mysterious puzzle of the lifeA mysterious character of the plotWho could solve it who could spotA feeling that is my literatureA name that is my quotWho could buy it who could affordAn innocuous…Continue

Started by Aazi Tamaam. Last reply by Aazi Tamaam Jan 25.

Friendship: A Bliss.. !!! 3 Replies

Friendship: A Bliss.. !!! Wild Treasure... !! An endless list of friends.. Casual.. Regular.. Special... Formal..Technical..Dutiful.. Wild Variety.. !! An endless list of friends.. Loving..…Continue

Tags: Sawhney, Usha, Dr., by, Composed

Started by Usha. Last reply by DR ARUN KUMAR SHASTRI Nov 16, 2020.

Towards You

Often, a beautiful thing untiesWith a beautiful surprise:That explains you came how,And your absence until now. For you hold me so tight,That all those broken piecesScattered being black and…Continue

Tags: Jha, Krishna, Shivam, shivamjha, shivam-jha

Started by Shivam Jha Sep 29, 2020.

An Embrace of Heaven and Earth 2 Replies

In the sky, clouds are dense everywhere,They make hide the sunlight somewhere,Gusts of wind is cool and amazing,Take breath, the breeze is so healing.It makes my soul feel happy again,A strange kind…Continue

Started by Mukulkumar Limbad. Last reply by Mukulkumar Limbad Aug 23, 2020.

An Unknown Doggy

As I'm going to the office on my way, Walking with my friend who says - An unknown doggy follows us, may be, I am not sure, I don't care! who cares?After about ten seconds, I pay attention,…Continue

Started by Mukulkumar Limbad Aug 23, 2020.

Let's Work for our Soul 1 Reply

Let's Work for our Soul Deplorable, Devastating, Disheartening their condition was. Garbage, Dirt, Poverty Unfortunate their life was. Irrespective of all odds and pains Surreal, Sublime, Satisfying…Continue

Tags: Sawhney, Swastik, by, Composed

Started by Swastik Sawhney. Last reply by Swastik Sawhney Nov 24, 2019.

Two little birdies (poem)

I wish to fly But our wings are cut The sky calls me But we are in cages shutWe were Freeborne no worries with us Eating grains or fruits Or insects so foundDependent are we For our masters…Continue

Started by KALPANA BHATT ('रौनक़') Feb 19, 2019.

Arms and ammunition (Poem)

 Guns and swordsSymbol of braveryUsed by soldiersFor country's victoryGuns and swordsSymbol of crueltyUsed by terroristsTo show their slaveryMen are both Soldier and terroristThoughts do comeClassic…Continue

Started by KALPANA BHATT ('रौनक़') Feb 15, 2019.

You and Me II

I do adore a few for myselfBut for me they're everythingAnd you being among them,I find a blessingFor there have been timesWhen I deviated from the track;And with all your care and heart,Everytime…Continue

Started by Shivam Jha Sep 5, 2018.


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Dayaram Methani commented on Sushil Sarna's blog post बुढ़ापा .....
"आदरणीय सुशील सरना जी, बुढ़ापे पर अति सुंदर सृजन के लिए बधाई।"
4 hours ago
gumnaam pithoragarhi commented on लक्ष्मण धामी 'मुसाफिर''s blog post कालिख दिलों के साथ में ठूँसी दिमाग में - लक्ष्मण धामी "मुसाफिर"
"वाह भाई साहब वाह , बहुत खूब ..."
6 hours ago
gumnaam pithoragarhi commented on gumnaam pithoragarhi's blog post गजल
"आप दोनो का बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया ....में कुछ सुधार करता हूं ... धन्यवाद मेरी जानकारी में वृद्धि करने…"
6 hours ago
Usha Awasthi posted a blog post

कुछ उक्तियाँ

कुछ उक्तियाँ उषा अवस्थी आज 'गधे' को पीट कर 'घोड़ा' दिया बनाय कल फिर तुम क्या करोगे जब रेंकेगा जाय?…See More
11 hours ago
Sushil Sarna posted a blog post

बुढ़ापा .....

बुढ़ापा ....तन पर दस्तक दे रही, ज़रा काल की शाम ।काया को भाने लगा, अच्छा  अब  आराम ।1।बीते कल की आज…See More
11 hours ago
Samar kabeer is now friends with Dayaram Methani and Kamal purohit
12 hours ago
Samar kabeer commented on Samar kabeer's blog post ग़ज़ल :- हज़रत-ए-'मीर' की ज़मीन में
"जनाब कमल पुरोहित जी आदाब, सुख़न नवाज़ीऔर आपकी महब्बत के लिए बहुत शुक्रिय: ।"
14 hours ago
Samar kabeer left a comment for Kamal purohit
"ख़ुश रहो ।"
15 hours ago
Kamal purohit commented on Samar kabeer's blog post ग़ज़ल :- हज़रत-ए-'मीर' की ज़मीन में
"वाह सर जी कमाल ग़ज़ल बेजोड़ काफ़िये इस मिसरे पर मैं सहमत नहीं (बेअदब हूँ अदब नहीं आता) इसके लिए मैं…"
15 hours ago
AMAN SINHA posted a blog post

मैं जताना जानता तो

मैं जताना जानता तो बन बैरागी यूं ना फिरता मेरे ही ख़िलाफ़ ना होता आज ये उसूल मेरा मैं ठहरना जानता तो…See More
16 hours ago
लक्ष्मण धामी 'मुसाफिर' commented on Sushil Sarna's blog post दोहा मुक्तक .....
"आ. भाई सुशील जी, सादर अभिवादन। सुन्दर मुक्तक हुए हैं । हार्दिक बधाई।"
16 hours ago
लक्ष्मण धामी 'मुसाफिर' posted blog posts
21 hours ago

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